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Placing an order

In order for your request to be processed, you must enter your library card number and password (day and month of your birthday) for every request.

Specification of complete bibliographical details (no abbreviations) is a prerequisite for placing a successful request. Details of your source are always helpful for the bibliographical search. Only one book or article may be requested per interlibrary loan form. At the end of the request form, you should specify whether or not substitution of another edition, a translation, or a copy/microform is acceptable to you. Please also enter the maximum costs you would be prepared to cover if required and the end of the time frame for delivery should it not be possible to process your request immediately.

Once a request has been submitted, you will receive confirmation and a fee of €1.50 will be charged to your account. This handling fee is payable even if the requested title cannot be delivered (e.g. not found in the collection of any German library). If a request is successful, the fee generally covers the costs of delivering a book from and returning it to the lending library or the delivery of up to 40 (A4) copies. Costs charged by the lending library for copies, insurance, etc., are to be borne by the requester (library fee rules).

You can access your request data in the lending system by means of the request number.


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