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International Library Loan

Our catalogues contain records for over 6 million books, journals and many other materials.

The Wuerttemberg State Library accepts orders for international library loan:

The IFLA loan form is the only form that will be sent to other German libraries if the Wuerttemberg State Library is not able to fulfill the request.

The biographical and other necessary details should be structured according to the IFLA guidelines for sending ILL requests by e-mail and the IFLA Fax Guidelines respectively.

Please note that we need a single IFLA loan form or a single e-mail or fax for every order of one book or the copy of one article either.

We would prefer to get your requests rather by e-mail than by fax.

There is charge for every item:

  • loan of one book: 2 IFLA Vouchers (green)
  • loan of one article: 1 IFLA Voucher (green) or 2 IFLA Vouchers (red)

If you are sending IFLA Vouchers please make sure that we are able to assign the Vouchers to your order. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!          


Inter Library Loans:
Tel.: [+49] (0)711-212-4556
Fax: [+49] (0)711-212-4464

Contact Person:
Natascha Hauer


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