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Book sponsorships

The Württemberg State Library Stuttgart disposes of extensive collections with historically significant objects. When it comes to medieval scripts, incunabula and bibles, it is even one of the largest inventories worldwide.
This is added to by rare later prints, music supplies, maps, printed graphics as well as special materials on contemporary history. In some not so rare cases, it is the only copy that exists at all.

Treasures need sponsors

Time has not left this unique stock unscathed. Wear and tear and damage from use, symptoms of old age as well as acidic paper and mould make it impossible to carry out research on the items and endanger their continued availability.

The Württemberg State Library invests large sums of money in restoration work and stock maintenance. But these tasks are not enough to be able to perform the necessary measures in time for all documents coming into question. Some scripts could disintegrate irreparably.
For this reason, the Württemberg State Library is looking for people who are interested in maintaining the cultural and scientific heritage. One important possibility of the dedication is provided by the sponsorship programme of the library’s friends’ association (WBG).

What are we doing for you?

Each work saved by your help is given a book plate made from non-aging paper with your name. Your name shall remain with this work and the Württemberg State Library forever!
If you wish, your name will be published in a generally accessible list of the sponsors (List of Sponsors).
You will receive an invitation to the annual reception of the board, where the works supported by sponsors are presented to the general public.
We will send you a donation receipt for the tax authority. Donations to promote cultural purposes can be set-off against your taxes.

How can you become a sponsor?

You can call us at +49 711 13798-500 or send us an e-mail:


Dr. Christian Herrmann
Württ. Landesbibliothek Stuttgart
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 8
70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 711 13798-500


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