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Study and play

The collection in the  Main Reading Room comprises approx. 10,000 volumes of secondary literature, commemorative editions and complete works, as well as reference works of all kinds. The sheet music and books in the Main Reading Room constitute a non-lending collection and thus cannot be borrowed.

Ordering and using sheet music: all sheet music can be ordered and used in the Special Reading Room.

Reproductions: for copyright and preservation reasons, there are limitations on what can be reproduced.

Instrument: there is a separate music room with a Steinway grand piano which can be used for playing the sheet music contained in the collection.

Cooperation between Stuttgart music libraries

Stuttgart's music information centres form a regional music library network. With their resources bundled together, they constitute an important hub for music-related information and knowledge. They enjoy continuous cooperation and lively exchange. They are thus able to meet the varied requirements of a wide range of customers, offering optimal benefits and quality, based in no small part on the use of state-of-the-art technology.


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