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Landesbibliographie Baden-Württemberg (Regional Bibliography Baden-Württemberg)


The Landesbibliographie Baden-Württemberg is the primary tool for all who are interested in topics relating to Baden-Württemberg.
The bibliography is compiled at the Württembergische Landesbibliothek (Württemberg State Library) in Stuttgart and the Badische Landesbibliothek (Baden State Library) in Karlsruhe with assistance from the Kommission für geschichtliche Landeskunde (Commission for Regional History) and the Statistische Landesamt (State Office of Statistics).

Contents of the database

The  Landesbibliographie Baden-Württemberg (Regional Bibliography Baden-Württemberg) contains books, brochures, periodicals and articles, as well as audiovisual and electronic media (published from 1979 onwards), about

  • the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg as a whole
  • places and regions in Baden-Württemberg
  • famous sons and daughters of Baden-Württemberg

Literature about every aspect of life and covering every branch of knowledge is collected (e.g. regional history, nature, law and administration, economics, population and social issues, art and culture).

If you are also interested in older literature (published in or before 1978), please use the printed bibliographies.

Obtaining literature you have searched for

A large quantity of the literature contained in the database is available at the WLB. In many cases, you can request the desired work directly by clicking on the call number in the hit list (indicated after "Signatur der WLB Stuttgart:"). If no WLB call number is specified, check in the online catalogue, to see if the desired work is available. If not, please use Interlibrary Loan or a fast delivery service.

Help with using the database

In addition to short instructions for use, detailed explanations are also available. Furthermore, training in how to use the database is also offered free of charge. The staff of the State Library are also on hand to answer your questions or carry out expert searches.

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